Massive Transfusion & the 6 W’s

A presentation I give frequently for our divisional “core lecture series”, this basic introduction to massive transfusion protocols and the science behind them is appropriate for a general surgery resident or senior medical student audience. Share and enjoy.

Penetrating Abdominal Trauma

Our residents needed a readable (and relatively brief) chapter on “penetrating trauma”. Though there are plenty of books on the subject, finding a reasonable shorter work that wasn’t entirely useless was difficult. So, with the help of the generous license at and this previous awesome work by Charles Krin and Karim Brohi, I took a shot at putting one together. It updates the 2004 article a bit and adds a section on management of specific penetrating organ injuries. It’s appropriate for residents, it’s pretty rough, and there’s lots of complex stuff it leaves out (you might consider it ATOM Lite, really light). But hey, it’s free. Share and enjoy.

The latest version will always be posted on this page. If you find issues or have questions, please get in touch with me on Twitter or by email. Thanks!

Download “Penetrating Abdominal Trauma: Evaluation & Management”, version 20170821-2:

  1. as an editable Word document
  2. as a formatted PDF

A Few New Things

I’ve had some wonderful projects come to light this week, and despite the obvious shameless self-promotion, I’m gonna write a bit about each of them here. This isn’t a list for bragging, and is far from a simple CV addition, but I’d like to talk a little about each, including some of the struggles, joys, and thoughts that led to them.

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“Simplified” E&M Coding

Billing & coding isn’t the most exciting process in health care, but it’s a necessary part of most practices, and is hardly ever taught in residency or fellowship. I’ve had the opportunity to learn from many outstanding professional coders over the years, and for some reason found the topic fascinating. (To be fair, I’m still not the best at keeping up with the day-to-day process, but I really appreciate the idea.)

As part of a talk I gave our new Acute Care Surgery fellows (and a few faculty), I developed a brief guide to choosing the proper billing code for evaluation & management (i.e., non-procedural) services. Surgery coding is (relatively) easy: find the code for the surgery you did. (Yes, there are intricacies, but still….) E&M, even in my “brief” guide, is cumbersome and confusing. I haven’t previously been able to find a useful 1-page reference sheet for E&M, so I made one, then added a couple of pages of explanation & instructions. If it’s the sort of thing you’re interested in (or just find useful), feel free to share and enjoy. And please, send me feedback by email ( or on Twitter.

“Simplified” E&M Coding Quick Sheet, version 20180115-1